Golden Milk – The Ayurvedic Healing Elixir

How to make Golden Milk the Ayurvedic Healing elixir

Golden milk is a wonderful healing, healthy drink that is packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefit just to name a few. It’s principle ingredient is Turmeric/Curcuma a gorgeous spice that is wonderful for boosting overall health and wellbeing. Turmeric is regarded as a ‘golden herb’ in Ayurveda, it is used in cooking and as a dietary supplement. It is traditionally used to support the liver, joints, blood and immune system and indeed the digestive tract. It is cleansing, it heats the body, and when added to a curry or made into golden milk… is extremely delicious.

Through my herbalism studies I have come to love this herb even more, I especially love to make Golden Milk around the time I get my period as it has amazing benefits for the female reproductive system. Turmeric is said to present estrogenic activity and can mimic the activity of Estrogen, and being a woman who is dealing with a hormone imbalance, I found this to be very interesting. Turmeric is known to decrease the pain experienced during periods and can also help with menstrual cramps, which makes this herb a great alternative to over the counter pain relief. I was recently experiencing a rather painful case of period pain, which included a swollen and painful stomach, back pain and a headache. I decided I was not to be defeated and so I made myself a lovely batch of home-made golden milk.

How to make Golden Milk the Ayurvedic Healing elixir









1 tablespoon of fresh, organic turmeric – grated
1 tablespoon of fresh, organic ginger – grated
2.5 cups of organic almond milk
1 tablespoon of cold pressed, organic coconut oil
A pinch of organic cinnamon
1 tablespoon of raw, organic honey










How to make Golden Milk the Ayurvedic Healing elixir








You want to add all the ingredients accept the honey, to a pot on the stove and heat it until it is about to boil. Leave the preparation to simmer for 10 minutes and then let the golden milk seep for a further 10 minutes off the heat. Once the mixture has cooled down a little, add the honey, stir, strain, serve and enjoy.












Health Benefits of the ingredients:
Turmeric (fresh/organic) : Anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants, boosts digestive health, supports the nervous system, nourishes the heart, helps the immune system and supports healthy blood circulation.
Ginger (fresh/organic): Reduces pain, anti-fungal, boosts immunity, provides digestive support and a multitude of other stomach issues.
Almond Milk (organic): Aids digestion, keeps your bones strong, helps maintain a healthy heart and is a delicious alternative to cows milk.
Coconut Oil (cold pressed/organic): Helps reduce high blood pressure and helps promote an overall healthier heart, protect the liver, helps to clear up urinary tract infections, reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, it is anti-viral and anti-fungal, helps improve brain function… the list goes on.
Cinnamon (organic): High source of antioxidants, helps to deal with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it is anti-inflammatory, it is said to help lower ones risk of developing cancer, it fights infections, it has numerous skin benefits and helps with allergies.
Honey (raw/organic): We all know how much I love the stuff… see here and here, if you have not already seen these videos go and take a look.

These quantities make approximately 2 mugs of Golden Milk so if you are like me and have a boyfriend who loves the stuff… remember to make double so you can go back for more.

Note: Turmeric stains so be careful with what you are wearing when you grate it as it WILL even leave marks, even on your hands… see photos above!
You can also add black pepper (3-4 pepper corns) to the golden milk preparation if you like, this will add flavour, help to enhance absorption and increase the anti-inflammatory effects of the turmeric.

Let me know if you make it beauties on here, Instagram or YouTube!


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