Have you ever really paid attention to what is REALLY inside your body cream? This is one of the products we apply to the majority of our body and so for me it is imperative that a body butter contains only natural and wholesome ingredients… no fillers, artificial colour and fragrances and definitely no toxic ingredients. I started making my own natural and organic beauty products some years ago now, partly because I was shocked to read what was actually inside of some of my favourite beauty products. I wanted to be sure that what I was putting on my skin was indeed safe and would benefit my body as appose to filling it with chemicals. Today I wanted to share with you all one of my favourite, easy and quick recipes for an effective, nourishing and beautifully smelling whipped body butter. This DIY body cream is butter to oil in consistency, absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth. And the best part… is you only need 4 ingredients to pull this one off.


It is exactly one week until Christmas, so why not make this lovely recipe for a loved one and impress them with your DIY skills.

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Lots of love xx Ula


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