Rejuva Minerals Organic Makeup Review

Have you made the switch to using non-toxic, natural and organic beauty products? If your answer is yes, high five to you… wait till you read this blog post! However, if your answer is no, let me fill you in on a little secret that is Rejuva Minerals. Many people often believe that switching to a natural and non-toxic beauty routine means paying high prices for products that don’t really perform. However, Rejuva Minerals is a brand that will convert even the most sceptical of beauty product lovers.


Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review


Rejuva Minerals is an affordable natural and non-toxic beauty brand that has been clinically tested, does not contain GMO’s, is vegan friendly, made in the USA and formulates using natural and organic ingredients. Amazing right… So let me tell you how I got this super hydrated, dewy, makeup look.


The Glow

Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review, organic cream foundation





I love hydrated, glowing skin. This type of makeup look is one I reach for on a daily basis. Minimal signs of makeup on the skin, yet flawless, dewy and hydrated. There are a few products in the Rejuva Minerals range which I use to get a natural glow and it all starts with the Luminous Crème Foundation. This is a solid cream foundation that works in harmony with your skin boasting jojoba oil as one of the key ingredients. This foundation applies beautifully, is light in coverage and gives an overall perfected look to the skin. I use the colour Macadamia Nut for my skin tone and I apply it using the High Def Buki brush. Next I use the Luminous Crème Foundation in a shade lighter called Tropical Coconut as my concealer. I like to apply it using either a brush or my ring finger to the under eye area, around my nose and on top of any blemishes I may have.








Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review











For longer lasting wear I recommend using the Rejuva Minerals Multi Task loose powder in Nude. I like to dust this soft and silky powder under my eyes, across my forehead and to the sides of cheeks.













Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review


Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review, organic eyeshadow


The final step to glowing skin is in the Multi Purpose Pressed Powder in the shade White diamond. This powder seriously catches light, I apply a small amount to my cupids bow, the tops of my cheeks, down the centre of my nose and to the middle of my chin. A little bit of this powder goes a long way, so you can build up coverage depending on the occasion. It is cool in colour which is perfect for my rather pale skin tone.


Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review


The Cheeks

Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review, organic eyeshadow


I love the Multi Purpose Pressed Powder in the shade Acai Berry as again it works really well with my pale skin tones. It is the perfect lightly blushed pink that can be worn blended on the eyes for a statement eye look, or in my case, stippled high onto the tops of the cheeks for a healthy natural flush. I like to apply it firstly with the Petite Face Brush and then blend it up using the High Def Buki.


Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review


The Eyes

Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review, organic eyeshadow






This where I like to have some fun. I first take hold of the Multi Purpose Pressed Powder in the shade White diamond again and apply it to the inner corners of my eyes to make them pop. I then apply a light layer to my eyelids to provide a luminous base for the other shades. Using the Shadow Smudge Brush I apply the Multi Purpose Pressed Powder in the shade Mocha Latte to the crease of my eyes and then blend the shades into one another using the Crease brush. This is a gorgeous shade to add a bit off depth to the eyes, especially for those of you like me who have hooded eyes. Then I take the Angle Liner brush and create a small cat eye flick to the sides of my eyes to widen and provide even more depth. This brush is perfect for lining, the bristles are tightly bound together and allow for a precise flick. I find that applying Mocha Latte to the sides of the eyes instead of eyeliner gives a more natural and relaxed look… extremely wearable for daytime.










Then after a few pumps with the eyelash curler I use the Mega Lash Mascara in the shade Midnight to finish off the eyes. I must admit that I was so excited when I used this mascara for the first time. It is so beautiful to apply, does not clump, and seriously lengthens your lashes.


The Lips

Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review,








The final touch to this look. I like lip colours that can be worn easily and do not require lining the lips ever time I apply. I am always on the go in Paris and so I like to throw a lip colour into my handbag that can be applied literally whilst walking!!! Pur’ Lips Moisturising lipstick in the shade Berry Bliss is a lip colour that meets these requirements. All that is needed is a light sweep and my lips look instantly more full and plump with a little shade of berry for the perfect wearable day look. It is smooth to apply non-sticky and can be built up in coverage.










Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review


The Brushes 

Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review, vegan makeup brushes made in the USA

Rejuva Minerals have a great selection of brushes to suit pretty much every makeup application method and best of all, their brushes are made in the USA and are Vegan friendly.


Let’s talk about ethical practice

Rejuva Minerals is not only a brand that creates gorgeous natural and non-toxic makeup, they are also a brand that places importance on taking care of the planet. There loose powder products are housed in compacts that are composed of 95% recycled natural fibres that are indeed recyclable themselves. There pressed powder compacts are biodegradable and are OGM, BPA and phthalate free. And any box that is used to package a product is composed of 50% recycled materials.


Rejuva MInerals Organic Makeup Review

Rejuva Minerals currently ships anywhere in the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

You can see how the makeup applies in a stop motion that I filmed over here!

Have you tried Rejuva Minerals yet? I would love to hear your thoughts on any products you can’t get enough of.

x Ula

Photos of products by Ula Blocksage. Photos of Ula by Jim Rosemberg.

This is a paid for advertorial, however all experiences and words in this article are my own and are completely genuine. I only work with brands I love and would personally buy myself. 




  1. Katie McKnoulty
    27/10/2017 / 10:48 am

    LOVE, your skin looks incredible, I am going to look into this. Thank you Ula!!! x

    • Ula Blocksage
      27/10/2017 / 10:55 am

      Thanks lovely lady. Rejuva Minerals also ship to Australia!!! Have a wonderful day x

  2. Jenny Spencer
    27/10/2017 / 12:57 pm

    I love the look of this range! Your skin really does look glowing and super healthy, and the eye and lip colours look so natural. And if you get these results from a brand that is non-toxic and takes care of the planet, then it sounds like something we should all be interested in. I’m going to investigate too!

    • Ula Blocksage
      27/10/2017 / 1:30 pm

      Thanks for the lovely words Jenny. I love how versatile this range is and how it can be applied for a really natural look during the day and can be built up for more statement evening wear! Hopefully more and more brands will start being as forward thinking as Rejuva Minerals are towards the environment!!

  3. Julia Kraus
    27/10/2017 / 1:01 pm

    I love the pictures and the post, I’m always so excited when I know there’s a new article to read!
    The make up looks great, I’ll have a look on their website!

    • Ula Blocksage
      27/10/2017 / 1:31 pm

      Hiya Julia. Thanks for being here! I am so happy you enjoy my blog and come back to read the new articles 🙂 Let me know what you think of their products if you purchase any xx

  4. Bonnie Poole
    27/10/2017 / 1:14 pm

    Wow! Your skin looks great!! This is a lovely everyday look! How are these products in terms of durability throughout the day? I only have time to apply make up before I go to work in the morning and have been disappointed by many products when I look in the mirror at lunchtime! I find often that foundation has worn off and sometimes looks patchy. I have fairly dry skin -is there a Rejuva minerals product you’d reccomend for me? X

    • Ula Blocksage
      27/10/2017 / 1:38 pm

      Hello Bonnie, Great question! To be honest since I managed to clear up my hormonal acne I no longer wear high coverage foundation, this is one of the reasons why I love the rejuva minerals foundations. They are perfect for people who prefer light to medium coverage, but can indeed be built up in the areas that need a little extra help (eg pimples, dark circles and hyper-pigmentation). I find that the foundation wears well all day. However, if I am going out that evening I would normally give myself a little touch up on any pimples I may have. If you suffer with dry skin then their foundation could be great for you as one of the key ingredients is jojoba oil; a liquid wax that closely resembles the oil that our skin naturally produces called sebum, so it should help to keep your skin from drying out 🙂 x

  5. Anna
    27/10/2017 / 5:28 pm

    I Love the ‘Natural Look’, very cute packaging, ethical and organic all in one, what more could anyone want. I will definitely be looking into these products. Your skin looks so fresh and glowing.

    • Ula Blocksage
      28/10/2017 / 10:25 am

      Thanks for your kind words Anna, have such a wonderful day x

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