The Importance of Facial Steaming for Glowing Healthy Skin


Do you steam your face? Or rather have you ever steamed your face at any point in your life? I asked some of my girlfriends the same question the other day and was surprised to hear how many of them do not steam their face, EVER! Facial steaming for a wonderful way to boost circulation, clear the pores and help promote a more healthy, glowing complexion. It is really great for those of us who suffer with acne prone skin and is also effective for a multitude of different skin complaints. Facial steaming is an effective, spa like treatment that costs next to nothing and is super easy to do at home… and best of all, it is completely natural.


It is so easy to enjoy the benefits of facial steaming… all you need are some herbs and or some essential oils of your choice, a bowl, a towel and some hot water. Harnessing the power of plants is a wonderful way to benefit your overall health and who doesn’t love to use natural ingredients to help transform tired skin! Say hello to a healthy, glowing and more luminous complexion. Plus if you are like me at the moment and are suffering with a little bit of winter congestion, this facial steam will help clean that up also.


Watch the video below to learn more and to hear all about one of my favourite herbal combination for glowing healthy skin.

Have a wonderful day beauties,

Ula x




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